Large Network

Orgnet, LLC has participated in 500+ diverse consulting projects applying network analysis and data visualization to a variety of interesting problems and opportunities for over 20 years. We work with organizations and communities of all sizes: businesses, NGOs, universities, governments, and their consultants.

Organizations are changing to adapt to the digital connected economy. What does the Future of Work look like? It involves looking at organizational Core Competencies of the digital workplace. What role do Human Networks and Social Capital play in getting things done in the connected company? Knowledge Communities are often the success factor of connected companies. As companies changes in the world of social business, so does the work of Human Resources. Organizational Network Analysis [ONA] is an increasingly popular method for people analytics.

Networks are not just found inside organizations, they also exist between organizations. Both for-profit and not-for-profit Organizations are connected by Board Member Interlocks that diffuse information and innovations. Large businesses do not exists alone -- they are embedded in an Industry Ecosystem of advisors, partners, competitors, and regulators. Local economies are built on knowledge and learning that is exchanged in Small Business Networks. While economic development networks have many interconnected organizations -- both public and private.

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