Project Stories

Orgnet, LLC has participated in hundreds of diverse consulting, training, coaching and research projects applying network science and data visualization to a variety of interesting problems and opportunities for over 25 years. We work with organizations and communities of all sizes: businesses, NGOs, universities, governments, and their consultants and advisors.

Organizations, Projects, & Teams

  • Human Capital + Social Capital = [PDF]
  • Managing the 21st Century Organization [PDF]
  • Best Practice: Organizational Network Mapping [PDF]
  • Discovering Communities of Practice [PDF]
  • Data-Mining E-mail [Read...]
  • Networks and Wirearchy [PDF]
  • How are Google and HR the same? [PDF]
  • The value of Social Network Analysis [PDF]
  • Human-Centered Organization Change [PDF]
  • Networks and Inclusion / Diversity @ TRW [PDF]
  • Want to Know Who is in the Loop? Draw a Map! [PDF]
  • Organizational Impact of Informal Knowledge Transfer [PDF]
  • Post Pandemic Work/Organization Structures, Hybrid Work [PDF]

Economic Networks

  • Disrupting Innovation - Reimagining Healtcare and Economic Development [PDF]
  • Your Choices reveal Who You Are and Who You are Like [PDF]
  • Building Local Economic Networks via Network Weaving [PDF]
  • Economic Development around Medical Research [PDF]
  • Building Adaptive & Agile Regional Networks [PDF]
  • SNA supports Economic Justice [Read...]
  • Network Weaving 101 [Read...]

Influence, Diffusion, Contagion in Public Data

  • Network Analysis with Public Data [PDF]
  • Social Networking in Academia [Read...]
  • Tracking the Spread of Disease with Network Analysis [Read...]
  • Transmission Network Analysis & Contact Tracing [PDF]
  • Key Opinion Leaders [Read...]

"Pioneering the use of social network analyses in the field of terrorism studies, Krebs gathered publicly available information to map the network of the 9/11 hijackers and found that the pilots were embedded in a dense network of pre-existing ties established via kinship/friendship relations, or at University, or during their training sessions overseas."

Hidden Networks

Politics & Power