Distributed Knowledge

Human networks spread both good and bad contagions. For good contagions, like knowledge, ideas, advice and support, we want our networks to quickly disseminate the content. For bad contagions, like disease, disinformation, corruption and crime, we want to spot the sources and disrupt the spread.

Valdis Krebs


Consulting We have been consulting and training in social network analysis for over 20 years. We provide both general and customized consulting for all types organizations, communities and industries. We have been involved in over 500 network analysis projects as either leaders, analysts, or mentors to our clients. We are strong believers in knowledge transfer with our clients -- we teach and coach new adopters of network analysis. After several projects under our watchful eye, our clients learn the ropes and are soon working independently. We also support clients who just want to hire an outside consultant to manage and run the whole project.

Training We provide both general and customized training for all types of network analysis & visualization. First time users of SNA/ONA get software, training and hands-on assistance, in one simple package. Our software is easy to use. Our highest value training, based on experience from almost 500 SNA/ONA projects, provides expert mentoring to our customers with their initial projects.

Research and Custom Work We are constantly researching new algorithms, methods, and metrics in applying network analysis to business opportunities. We have worked with both commercial and non-profit clients in new applications of network analysis.

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