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Social Network Analysis software & services for
organizations, communities, and their consultants

Orgnet LLC provides software, training, consulting, and research in the application of network analysis in a wide variety of domains. Our deep experience in visualizing, diagnosing and improving networks in organizations, communities and economic & social systems has benefited a wide variety of clients around the world. In addition to mastering standard organizational network practices, we have pioneered the application of network analysis in many new domains and can help you do the same.

Orgnet LLC will help you map, measure and mold your networks! You will see "what is", what needs changing, and then mold the existing network into the "should be" model that meets your, or your client's, needs. Our experience with hundreds of organizations and communities, will guide you through the network building and weaving process. With our mentoring you will learn the methods and develop the skills to continue this process on your own.

Orgnet Competencies & Deliverables

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