InFlow Training

SNA & ONA Training

We provide both general and customized training for all types of network analysis & visualization. First time users of SNA/ONA like our approach, where they get software, training and hands-on assistance, in one simple purchase. Our InFlow software is easy to use and requires very little instruction. Our highest value training, based on experience from almost 500 SNA/ONA projects, provides expert mentoring to our customers with their initial projects.

Client feedback...

I was lucky enough to be trained for three days by Valdis Krebs who has been working in this field for twenty years. Without a doubt, Valdis is one of the best teachers I've encountered... Beyond standard training, this course supports and demands learning and problem-solving that go beyond the parameters of any particular task.

We have provided custom network analysis training in following areas:

  • social network analysis
  • organizational network analysis
  • network analysis for entrepreneurs
  • influence networks and key opinion leaders
  • business networks and industry ecosystems
  • contagion and disease networks
  • alumni & association networks
  • covert and criminal networks

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