Organizational Network

Consulting in Social Network Analysis [SNA] and Organizational Network Analysis [ONA]

We provide both general and customized consulting for all types organizations, communities and industries. We have been involved in over 500 network analysis projects as either leaders, support analysts, or mentors of our clients. We are strong believers in knowledge transfer with our clients -- we teach and coach new adopters of network analysis. After several projects under our watchful eye, our clients learn the ropes and are soon working independently. We also support clients who just want to hire an outside consultant to manage and run the whole project, without any training or knowledge transfer component.

Client at a major consulting firm...

"In addition to years of experience across a variety of organizations, Valdis has a remarkable talent for clarifying through anecdotes even the most complex concepts and abstract principles."

Various consulting projects of ours...

  • Discover network patterns in adaptive/agile organizations
  • Improve onboarding process via network analysis
  • Find emergent leaders in fast growing company
  • Uncloak criminal conspiracy amongst slumlords
  • Map and weave nationwide volunteer network
  • Improve team leadership and chemistry
  • Discover collaboration amongst NGOs
  • Determine influential journalists and analysts in industry
  • Uncover organization's go-to people and informal experts
  • Uncover the spread of HIV in a prison system
  • Map the outbreak of a contagious disease
  • Discover network of Innovators in a regional economy
  • Analyze book selling patterns to position a new book
  • Rescue projects gone awry
  • Map clusters in a local economy
  • Map linking patterns amongst blogs
  • Discover emergent communities in on-line game
  • Reveal key players in a complex news story
  • Reveal opinion leaders in various medical fields
  • Uncover patterns of listeners in local radio market
  • Discover & connect communities of practice/interest
  • Help organization locate employees in new buildings
  • Expose business ties & money flows in corruption case
  • Uncover network of characters/actors in a fictional work
  • Analyze networks of executives for succession planning
  • Outside expert in the design of network analysis software
  • Discern useful patterns in clickstreams on the WWW
  • Track growth of on-line community and reveal opportunities for network weaving

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